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Smartlation and Linux Institute produce IGMI.IO

IGMI hire a linux expert

The translation leading company Smartlation decided to sponsor Linux Institute’s IGMI enterprise for Linux expert freelancers, a linuxer friendly freelance platform offering advantages like the extremely lower fees for providers (10%)  remaining free for customers, in contrast with all other platforms, customers pay less and Linux professional earn more.

The platform also tries to filter non-experienced users keeping high quality services only.
When a user isn’t experienced enough for customers we encourage him to pass courses, if the candidate can’t afford paying certifications a member of our team will evaluate his knowledge to enable the registration”- explained Fernando Argañik, one of IGMI’s project managers according to the entrepreneurs portal Startupdated.


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Linux Institute: Windows and Facebook are the biggest phishing attacks in the history

Today Linux Institute published the following article about Microsoft and Facebook, it contains information on Microsoft and Facebook I wasn’t aware despite knowing they are very invasive.

 Windows and Facebook are the biggest phishing attacks in the history

“…your Twitter account is one of a small group of accounts that may have been targeted by state-sponsored actors. We believe that these actors (possibly associated with the government) may have been trying to obtain information such as email addresses, IP addresses and/or phone numbers. At this time, we have no evidence they obtained your account information, but we’re actively investigating this matter…”

The text above was a notification received by some Twitter users...

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Welcome to, a website dedicated to all Linuxers


If you are here, probably you are a Linux user or want to try this great system.
I hope you’ll find the content on this website useful.

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