Smartlation and Linux Institute produce IGMI.IO

IGMI hire a linux expert

The translation leading company Smartlation decided to sponsor Linux Institute’s IGMI enterprise for Linux expert freelancers, a linuxer friendly freelance platform offering advantages like the extremely lower fees for providers (10%)  remaining free for customers, in contrast with all other platforms, customers pay less and Linux professional earn more.

The platform also tries to filter non-experienced users keeping high quality services only.
When a user isn’t experienced enough for customers we encourage him to pass courses, if the candidate can’t afford paying certifications a member of our team will evaluate his knowledge to enable the registration”- explained Fernando Argañik, one of IGMI’s project managers according to the entrepreneurs portal Startupdated.

IGMI.iO is an Israeli based product by IGMIL Ltd , but targeting the Latin American market. specifically Argentina if possible but considering Chile and Uruguay too depending on the conditions.
IGMI aims to prevent low quality transactions, both from the economical and the executive viewpoints.  While providers can sell services for $5 or even less too, project managers keep supervising the quality and originality of the services.

IGMI is a paradise for Open Source or Linux software producers, making possible to find professionals for every  production’s step, from development to marketing specialized in the open source industry.

Trabajo Actual, a Latin American Human Resources Consulting which introduced Linux jobs area within it’s sections praised the idea by referring Argentinian Linux professionals to the freelancers platform. – Many Argentinian professionals find difficult to access the foreign market even when they are geniuses with Information Technologies- this platform will definitive help geeks rent their knowledge easily- said Laura Santoro who is working to integrate the platform to IGMI.

If you are an advanced Linux users or are looking for a Linux professional, give IGMI a chance at


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